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Inclusive Language Analytics Fellowship Program

Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Dr. Rod Roscoe (SLATE Lab) and Arizona State University are excited to announce the Inclusive Language Analytics Fellowship Program in the fields of language analytics, natural language processing, corpus linguistics, and related areas. This project is a partnership with The Learning Agency Lab.

We have hired two postdoctoral scholars to conduct research on (a) language analytics principles, tools, and applications; (b) understanding how bias and exclusion may manifest in language analytics; (c) innovating ways to mitigate bias and exclusion in language analytics; and (d) innovating applications of language analytics and NLP to potentially prevent instances of bias. Such biases and solutions may manifest at multiple levels, including corpus creation, annotation, assessment, algorithm development, or implementation. Fellows will have access to large datasets already collected for the Feedback Prize—a project by The Learning Agency Lab and Georgia State University on assisted writing feedback tools.

In accord with the ASU Charter, we aim to diversify and strengthen the field by creating a pathway for early career scholars—particularly from underrepresented groups—to obtain competitive, full-time jobs related to language analytics or learning engineering. Postdoctoral scholars will be mentored and guided via a network of colleagues in language analytics, learning analytics, educational technology, sociotechnical systems, and more, as well as inclusion, equity, leadership, publishing, and grant writing. Scholars will also participate in rich professional development opportunities, including workshops, and other events sponsored by outstanding organizations at ASU (e.g., the Committee for Campus Inclusion, Center for Gender Equity in STEM, Center for Student of Race and Democracy, and Project Humanities). The ASU Postdoctoral Affairs Office offers additional support for writing grants, career planning, teaching, and individual development plans, along with social networking and engagement events.